Before and After Results for Hifu

We, at Lipo Freeze 2U are here to help you tackle any insecruitesyou may have! Below is all our before and after images for Hifu

"I have had a great experience with Lipo Freeze 2U! I'v had botox when i was younger and i wasnt satisfied with the fake look it gives. Hifu has given my skin a new look and feel, removing my fine lines! Very happy"
From Surrey
"Hifu is great! I have had two sessions with hifu on my forehead, and I'm so happy! This has changed my confidence. I feel so much happier in my day to day life because I feel and look younger. My skin feels great, and my makeup goes on so much nicer! Very happy, thank you! "
From Dorset
"Being an older man I have been struggling with my forehead lines. I definitely would never have any surgery as the health risks are too high! I am very grateful I have found HIfu, the staff at Lipofreeze2u are very helpful and made me feel very comfortable!"
From Bristol
"I have had 2 Full Facelifts with Hifu! I feel delighted with my results! I feel younger and look so much better. My confidence skyrocketed! I was so insecure about my lines around my mouth and nose. I am so please, thank you Lipofreeze2u "
From Kent
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