September 2020 Promotion Prices For Skin Imperfections

When it comes to choosing the company for undergoing cryolipolisis , people will obviously look at the rate that the company demands for the procedure.

Our prices include consultation and the price of the treatment per area — the consultation & treatment are both at the same time in one appointment.

With some of our clients, they do need a second appointment to remove any skin imperfections. If this is necessary, the consultant will let you know this in the consultation — we off 30% discounts for second appointments.


Prices Promotion for September 2020

  • One area £185
  • Two areas £235
  • Three areas£285
  • Four Areas £335
  • Five Areas £385
  • Six Areas £435

We also let our clients mix & match your treatments.

For example, You have mutiple skin imperfectiona, and would like to get removed : 2 moles, 2 warts, and a Viral verrucae, this means you would pay for 5 areas.

Or if you would like 6 milia warts removed you would be paying for 6 areas to be done.

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