Inner Thighs

Here at LipoFreeze2U we can help with the build up of stubborn excess fat, that has accumulated around the inner thigh. Contact us today!

Non-Invasive procedure to reduce excess inner thigh fat

Inner thigh problem area

Despite all your best intentions with relentless gym workouts and following a healthy diet, you may be left with stubborn excess fat that has accumulated around the inner thigh.

Although you might be adapting a healthy approach with diet and exercise, both of which are certainly likely to help keep excess fat to a minimum, it may not quite be enough to combat the issue of wobbly inner-thighs – a renowned problem area in your desire for a toned and sculpted body.

Unfortunately your frustration only increases when discovering that genetics can also play a part; after all, some people are more susceptible to extra fat cells simply because it is part of their genetic makeup.

Although you have no control over your genes, it can be difficult to accept. Our inner thighs are an area you would like to take pride in showing off and, women in particular, may feel self-consious exposing them if they appear excessively fat. Click here to find out more about us!

Surgery is an option but involves using invasive, often painful procedures that increase side effects and can be very expensive. Thankfully there is a non-invasive, safer alternative allowing you to undergo a body contouring treatment that is fast, effective and with minimal side effects.

Lipofreeze2u procedure to reduce inner thigh fat

Using a non-surgical fat-freezing procedure , also known as Cryolipolysis, treatment involves delivering controlled, cooling temperatures via an applicator to the area. Fat cells are sensitive to these near-freezing temperatures and become damaged. Eventually, the fat cells die and the body absorbs the destroyed cells. The procedure, which may be a little uncomfortable, is not painful. Click here to see the results!

During the treatment you are fully awake and are able to read, listen to music, even have a nap! Anything you would normally do whilst resting! Due to the minimal side effects and less risks involved in this procedure, (in comparison to surgical options), this method is becoming increasingly popular, has a high level of success and aims to boost the confidence of both men and women that decide to use it to enhance the shape of their inner thighs and reduce the fat cells in this area.

After the treatment

Side effects are minor and temporary and may include slight redness, swelling, tenderness, tingling, stinging and skin sensitivity at the site.

Whilst you may not notice an instant change to the appearance of your inner thighs, do not be disheartened. The targeted fat cells that have been damaged using this controlled cooling method may take time to die. Most people notice changes within just a few days, however, the visual effects of this process can take weeks, even a few months, before the results are apparent.

Recovery from the procedure is instant. You can return to work or whatever your normal routine is, as soon as your treatment is complete.

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