HIFU FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Are you sitting somewhere thinking of getting your skin tightened but are afraid of going under the knife?

Well, imagine no more. You have an option in HIFU- High Intensity Focused Ultrasound.

HIFU is a new cosmetic procedure in the market.

For tightening sagging skin, this procedure replaces the old damaged skin with a new and healthy fresh skin.

What Is HIFU Non Surgical Facelift Treatment ?


The procedure is less painful with minimal side effects; it involves subjecting ultrasound energy deep into the facial tissues activating the production of collagen.

This protein is responsible for the youthful, glowing and vibrant skin.

Not only is HIFU non surgical face lift for facelifts, but FDA has also approved it; Food and Drug Administration fit for prostate tissue removal.

Done by our specialists , the process is affordable since it does not need several sessions.

The procedure takes place either in a clinic or is available in the comfort of your own home where clients can relax as the machine is subjected to their affected areas.

Offering relief from surgical procedures, HIFU non surgical face lift is perfect for the elimination of wrinkles and damaged skin.

Stall that hesitation and get yourself a pain-free treatment.

We do not subject our clients to scalpels and needles as no surgical procedures involved during the process.

The focused rays from the ultrasound deep into the skin has no pain that will require healing afterward.

Depending on the area is how long it will take but around 30 minutes to an hour. 

As our client, you do not need to take some time to recover after the whole procedure is complete.

The rays hit the dermis which immediately tightens the entire skin.

The skin’s glow rejuvenates on the spot, the client walking out satisfied ultimate expecting results.

After a gradual process of between 3 – 4 weeks , a complete change of skin tone and uplift is visible.

If it is a HIFU non surgical face lift , the experts will focus the rays on the specific parts that are in dire need.

Areas mostly covered on the face include the jaws, chin, forehead and the cheeks.

Other regions that HIFU non surgical face lift  has been successful on are the neck, stomach fat, thighs, hips, and chest.

We can cover individual areas on their own, for example, if you just wanted your forehead done.

It is not a necessity for a client to go for treatment monthly.

You can repeat the procedure after 9 months to a year.

This period gives collagen enough time for production though if the results are still inexistent, the client might decide to check in for another session at a later date.

Yes! HIFU non surgical face lift Is a very safe procedure. We do not use any needles or surgical equipment.

HIFU non surgical face lift is non-surgical; you are awake and conscious throughout the treatment!

Have a look at our prices page for all the detail in the info you need about Hifu HIFU non surgical face lift Prices !

Unlike Botox injections where individuals get a recovery period with various post treatments, HIFU non surgical face lift leaves no evidence of harm, burns or redness. There is no heating involved in the procedure like in the laser treatment, and clients can be sure of a simple, harmless process.

You can go back to your day to day life instantly. after the procedure

The energy directed to the skin has no significant side effects that will force the patient to come back for after treatment. HIFU non surgical face lift is our most popular treatment.

There is no specific requirement for people in need of treatment. Anyone with sagging skin or wants an uplift suits the category for the procedure. After the age of 30, the skin might start to loosen up due to the reduction of collagen production. HIFU non surgical face lift process triggers the fast creation of the protein, delaying aging for a while.

After a full session, individuals have no specific food recommended helping keep the look. The process works solely on its own and subjects can go back to their daily eating habits without consideration.

There is no smoothie and other required vegetable and soup combinations necessary to work well with HIFU.

Areas of the Face we can Cover
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