What is Fat Freezing?

There are individuals that have been dreaming of removing some of the fats out of their bodies. In line with this, they use several ways to weight loss. Some are even integrated into another one.

The most common ways of weight loss are the following :

  • Exercising

This involves an effortful procedure where your body should be in motion constantly to burn unwanted fats in the body.

  • Diet

A procedure where the food being eaten is controlled to reduce the chances of accumulating large fats in the body.

  • Liposuction

A surgical procedure that broke down the fat cells in the body and sucked out. This is one of the priciest procedure in terms of removing fat out of the body.

So, those are the common methods or procedures used by other people to lose weight. They may work, but not all the time. Some of them need a full commitment when it comes to time. While others need a huge investment in money.

But there is another concept of removing fat in the body. This one does not burn fat. Instead, it uses the concept of low temperature. This procedure is called fat freezing.

What is Fat Freezing?

As stated above, fat freezing uses the concept of low temperature. The body succumbs to a procedure that uses equipment to freeze the fat cells in the body and ceasing their capabilities to store fats.

How Does It Work?

The procedure starts by vacuuming the skin over the affected area. This is done to lure the fat cells on the surface of the skin. Once the skin is near the surface, the practitioner will now be using equipment to freeze the fat cells in that area.

When the fat cells are crystallized or frozen, they will rupture, thus their capabilities to store fat will cease. These disable fat cells will then leave the body through natural processes. Once they leave the body, they will never have the chance to regenerate and be replaced by new ones. Thus, the fat cells are completely terminated.

Areas which can be Treated by Fat Freezing

The fat-freezing procedure may be used to remove fat cells in particular areas:

Are there any Side Effects?

Although this procedure is a non-surgical method, it is still inevitable that there are side effects during and after.


  • Tingling

The patient in the procedure may start to feel tingling during the procedure. This may be described as pricking or vibrating sensation.

  • Stinging

During the procedure, patients may feel this stinging sensation over the affected area that may cause a little bit of pain.

  • Cramping

There are also cases where there are patients who felt cramping in the affected area.

  • Intense Cold

Probably the most common side effects the patients may feel during the procedure. You may feel extreme or intense cold over the area being addressed.


  • Redness

After the procedure, redness may start to manifest over the area/s that have been addressed.

  • Stinging

The stinging sensation may still be felt even after the procedure.

  • Bruising

There are chances where you may find bruises, and this is common whenever the properties of freezing are used.

  • Sensitivity

Your skin may feel sensitive over a period of time. Don’t worry as this is one of the common side effects of the fat freezing procedure.

Those are common during and after side effects of the fat freezing procedure. After a few days, those effects may start to reside or go away as they are not that serious.

The fat-freezing procedure has been approved and proven to be safe. This procedure also has accumulated higher success rates compared to other weight loss procedures. In general, if you want a significant fat removal process, the fat freezing procedure may be your answer.

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