Emsella Deluxe

Here are Lipo Freeze 2 U we were one of the first companies to combine Emsella and body sculpting for the best incontinence and erectile dysfunction treatment possible!

Emsella deluxe

What is Emsella Deluxe?

At Lipo Freeze 2 U, we have innovatively blended two potent non-surgical treatments to provide a personalized solution for urinary incontinence, faecal incontinence, overactive bladder, leaky bladder, and even erectile dysfunction.

By combining the power of Emsella and Body Sculpting, we’re able to deliver quicker, longer-lasting, and completely non-invasive results that are as natural as they are impressive.

Experience the difference with our fast and effective approach!

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Suitable For Men & Women

Emsella Deluxe Results

Emsella Treatment: 

This treatment effectively addresses incontinence by delivering electromagnetic energy directly to the pelvic floor muscles.

It strengthens and helps treat urinary and faecal incontinence by stimulating numerous supramaximal contractions in a single session, restoring muscle control in the pelvic floor area.

Core Strengthening: 

Utilizing our Emsculpt machine, Body Sculpting effectively builds and repairs muscles from the outside.

By combining this method with Emsella, we provide a comprehensive solution.

This approach improves and restores muscle density to alleviate incontinence and muscle pain while simultaneously toning and sculpting the body.

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Say goodbye to the concerns and discomfort of incontinence or ED, and embrace a life filled with joy and fulfilment. This comprehensive Emsella Deluxe treatment package is suitable for both men and women, fully certified by the FDA and guarantees zero downtime.

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